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Middle East

Middle East - The Middle East has a wealth of exciting cities, untamed natural beauty and an appealing array of architecture and attractions

Business Class International Caters for huge demand for clients travelling to the Middle East.  Being a fantastic holiday destination with masses of business opportunities.

The Middle East is quite simply extraordinary, one of the world's most fascinating and rewarding travel destinations. The Middle East is home to some of the world's most significant cities for business travellers. Dubai and Abu Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Doha, Riyadh, Amman etc.

The leisure traveller will also find some of the most amazing luxurious hotels and stunning beaches, amazing shopping destinations and to take in the diverse and wonderful cultures that are on offer. Above all else, however, your most enduring memory of the Middle East is likely to be its people. Their gracious welcome, many kindnesses and boundless hospitality speak of an altogether amazing experience.

Popular Destinations in Business Class flights to the Middle East

Business Class International offers unbeatable prices on flights to Business Class flights to the Middle East. Contact our sales team by filling out an enquiry form. Call us free on 0800 01474 83 or email us at sales@businessclassinternational.co.uk we will get straight back to you with unbeatable prices !!!


Business Class International offers unbeatable pricesDubai

Business Class International receives hundreds of enquiries for business class flights to the Middle East.

With airlines such as Emirates, British Airways, Virgin, Etihad, Gulf Air, Qatar and Kuwait Airways all flying direct. Other top airlines such as Lufthansa, Air France, Swiss Air also providing air travel to the Middle east making it is a very well serviced destination. It also provides a great platform for flyers to stop for short breaks on route to Asia, Australasia etc

Whatever your reason is to travel to the Middle East, be it either Business Commitments in Doha, Beach and shopping holiday in Dubai, the Grand Prix in Abu Dubai, Diving in Muscat or simply to see relatives. Business Class International can provide you the best prices on you Business class flights and Hotels if required.

Be it Flat beds, Direct only or Multi stops Business Class International has access to all airlines and routes. Business Class International has access to save you £1000’s on your flights

If it’s for any premium flights, Business class or First class we are the specialist.

BCI Concierge can help with any hotel requirements or ground arrangements within the middle east. We have a specialist department that provide top rates on all aspects of travel outside of flights.